joi, 18 februarie 2010

Haiti life after................

Nothing is more important than to be united and help people who were left without anything. People who have worked a lifetime in order to build a home and a future for their children. Now in these times have to help them get over these very painful moments. It is our duty to help them, not over it.

Everyone should donate money to help rebuild their homes and most importantly to help them rebuild their infrastructure, especially the care that is particularly important and would lead to stopping the spread of various diseases began to spread, and let's not forget that we should give them not only food but also care products to help stop the spread of diseases like hepatitis and especially digestive diseases that could lead to medical complications.

Besides donating money to rebuild the foundations that have plagued Haiti we could simply send different goods (anything other than food) through courier companies to people chosen at random from the phone book. In this way we could find some addresses where we could send some goods that might be very useful, including books and toys for children.

So if you do not hesitate to help them do it because in the worst case one has to bring a moment of joy, a smile.

Helping them actually help us because at least in a spiritual one to feel better knowing that I helped someone.

Let’s start helping those who are less fortunate then us.

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